About Us

Our Philosophy

Kodiak Home Inspections offer home inspections in Dallas and it’s surrounding suburbs.  From day one quality of service and ethical work have been our priority. Over the years, we have been recognized by both our clients and many real estate professionals for our  high integrity, top quality service and thorough home inspections. Our home inspections provide a level of confidence and knowledge critical to smart home buying. Our clients feel confident in their property buying decisions.


Our Priorities

Client education is our goal and the primary reason for an inspection. Most people understand that the main benefit of an inspection is to identify specific deficiencies or concerns about a property. At Kodiak Home Inspections, we take things a step farther. We believe it is more important for the client to receive a complete, objective evaluation and overview of the entire property – both good and bad. We point out the positive and negative aspects of every property that we inspect, and we take the time to answer any questions our clients might have. This help’s our clients make intelligent and informed buying decisions.

Who is Kodiak


Sean Salz

Partner & Inspector