4 Ways Home Inspections are Like Thanksgiving Dinner

4 Ways Home Inspections are Like Thanksgiving Dinner

What’s stuffed with information and juicy details, and great for the whole family? It’s not a thanksgiving turkey dinner, it’s a home inspection!

It’s that time of year when Americans feel thankful for friends, family, good food and all of the great things in life. With the reliable and valuable home inspection services that you provide, your customers might just send in their friends for another helping!

Here’s why your home inspections are just like Thanksgiving dinner, only maybe a bit better.

There’s a Recipe for Success
Every experienced home inspector knows all about the Standards of Practice. Combined with a strong ethics code, you have a recipe for home inspection success.

Standards help keep you on track. They tell you which home systems to inspect, how to inspect them and what should be included in your report.

Just like a great recipe, Standards and Ethics Codes give your home inspection services consistency. That’s true, even if you try something a little new every time.

It Takes a Few Hours to Get Done
You’ll spend hours roasting the Thanksgiving turkey. And a home inspection measures up nearly the same way.

There’s a lot to see and investigate in every house, from the attic all the way down to the crawlspace. Larger houses, like larger turkeys, take more time. And smaller ones might be finished much sooner.

Start to finish, your home inspections can be ready to send off to the customer in a matter of a few hours. And that includes any extras, like side dishes, that you want to include.

There are Lots of Juicy Details
Not every turkey can claim to be as juicy as Aunt Edna’s. But every home inspection is packed with juicy details that tell the story of the house.

Both you and the customer will learn about the condition of the roof, whether the HVAC system has been maintained and how much insulation is in the attic.

A home inspection might not taste very good. But those details you offer might be as much of a conversation starter as the year when Edna forgot the stuffing.

You Can’t Please Everyone
It never fails, someone always tries to try something new in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s great. And sometimes, it’s just a bad idea.

You can’t please everyone. And no truer words have ever been spoken about home inspections. Chances are, you’ll find defects in every home you inspect.

Home buyers have a lot riding on the inspection results. And because you’re the messenger, chances are you’ll someday make someone grumpy.

Home inspections and Thanksgiving dinner might seem miles apart. But they do share some similarities. At least if you’re in the festive mood.

In this thankful season, the biggest comparison is really the peace of mind that you bring. That’s what really connects your work with the goodness of the season. Whether you have wonderful news or find numerous home defects, you give your customers valuable information that helps with informed decision making. And that’s as sweet as pumpkin pie with whipped cream.